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British Aircraft Corporation Ltd (Preston Division)
Lightning T.5 Production batch, 22 aircraft.

XS416; C/N B1/ 95001 ff T.M.S. Ferguson 20-8-64 Samlesbury. To OCU Coltishall, 16-7-65; also used for 13 flights in development flying. To 11 Squadron (T). With the LTF(DU), Binbrook, 1983. Sold for scrap to TVI Doncaster. Purchased and restored by NATO Aircraft Museum, Peaks Top Farm, New Waltham, nr Grimsby, S. Humberside. 9/2008 moved to New York, Lincolnshire.

XS417; C/N B1/ 95002 ff J. Dell 17-7-64 Samlesbury. To OCU Coltishall, 25-5-65; also used for 47 flights in development flying. First production T 5 to fly. To 23 Squadron (Z). With 11 Squadron, Binbrook, 1983. currently owned and restored by Newark Air Museum Winthorpe Notts.

XS418; C/N B1/ 95003 ff T.M.S. Ferguson 12-11-64 Samlesbury. To Boscombe Down, 30-3-65; to OCU Coltishall, 7-5-65. Crashed, 23-8-68, at Stradishall, when undercarriage was retracted on landing. Flt Lt Ploseh and SAC Lewis uninjured. 8531M at Binbrook, 1981.

XS419; C/N B1/ 95004 ff T.M.S. Ferguson 18-12-64 Samlesbury. To OCU Coltishall, 20-4-65. Extensively damaged after hitting landing light at Coltishall in April 1965. With the LTF(DW), Binbrook, 1983.

XS420; C/N B1/ 95005 ff D.M. Knight 23-1-65 Samlesbury. To OCU Coltishall, 29-4-65. With the LTF(DV), Binbrook, 1983. recently owned by Murray Flint, Fenland Aviation Museum, West Walton, nr Wisbech, Cambs. to Walpole, Suffolk during 1998, loaned to Farnborough Air Sciences Trust,  Farnborough 3/9/2003 for display. 2012 Currently owned by Richard Hall.

XS421; C/N B1/ 95006 ff T.M.S. Ferguson 25-2-65 Samlesbury. To OCU Coltishall, 11-5-65. Cockpit Section only, owned by Nigel Towler, Rayleigh, Essex.

XS422; C/N B1/ 95007 ff T.M.S. Ferguson 24-3-65 Samlesbury. To OCU Coltishall, 1-6-65; to 29 Squadron, 1972; to 56 Squadron (Z), 1973. With the ETPS, Boscombe Down, 1983. Sold 27/9/1988 to Wensley Haydon Baillie and stored. Then on to the Anglo American Lightning Association, Stennis Airport, Mississippi, USA on 20/11/1997 and registered as N422XS.

XS423; C/N B1/ 95008 ff D. de Villiers 31-3-65 Samlesbury. To OCU Coltishall, 1-6-65. Damaged in landing accident, 17-1-68. 8532M at Binbrook, 1981.

XS449; C/N B1/ 95009 ff D. de Villiers 30-4-65 Samlesbury. To OCU Coltishall, 17-7-65; to 23 Squadron (T); 8533M, at Binbrook, 1981.

XS450; C/N B1/ 95010 ff R.P. Beamont 25-5-65 Samlesbury. To 111 Squadron, 6-9-65. 8534M, Binbrook, 1981.

XS451; C/N B1/ 95011 ff D. de Villiers 3-6-65 Samlesbury. To 5 Squadron, 19-11-65. Cat 3 damage at Binbrook 12-69. 8503M at Binbrook. Currently owned by Barry Pover, Classic Jets Aviation Co, City Airport, Plymouth, Devon. Latest reports are that the aircraft has been re-registered in South Africa by Classic Jets, as ZU-BEX. . Crashed during a display at Overburgh AFB South Africa on 14/11/09; the pilot Dave Stock did not survive.

XS452; C/N B1/ 95012 ff D. de Villiers 30-6-65 Samlesbury. To OCU Coltishall, 20-9-65. With the LTF, Binbrook (inactive), 1983. 30-6-88 purchased by Mr Arnold Glass and stored at Cranfield. Then sold to Tony Hulls of T5 - Projects for restoration to fully working order. The aircraft has since been 21/10/1996 sold to Mike Beachy Head, South Africa, Latest reports are that the aircraft has now being re-registered in South Africa by Classic Jets, as ZU-BBD and is being prepared by either Tony Hulls or Barry Pover , to leave this country in early July by sea.

XS453; C/N B1/ 95013 ff R.P. Beamont 6-7-65 Samlesbury. To OCU Coltishall, 10-9-65. Crashed into North Sea, 1-6-66, five miles off shore. Flying Officer Fish, on first T 5 solo, ejected safely. Hours flown 30h 30m.

XS454; C/N B1/ 95014 ff D. de Villiers 6-7-65 Samlesbury. To RAF Leuchars on 9-10-65; returned to Warton, 5-4-68, following recurring undercarriage problems; to OCU Coltishall; Cat 3 damage, 7-3-67, when undercarriage retracted on runway. Flt Lt Graydon and Flt Lt Offord unhurt. 8535M at Binbrook.

XS455; C/N B1/ 95015 ff T.M.S. Ferguson 23-9-65 Samlesbury. To OCU Coltishall, 20-12-65. Crashed north of Spurn Point, 6-9-72 during aerobatic sortie. Sqn Ldr Gauvin and Lt Verist (Belgian air force) ejected but both injured. Hours flown 1085h 50m.

XS456; C/N B1/ 95016 ff T.M.S. Ferguson 26-10-65 Samlesbury. To 56 Squadron, 20-12-65.Currently owned by T.A Smith & Co., Wainfleet. Golf Range by Skegness to Boston Rd.

XS457; C/N B1/ 95017 ff R.P. Beamont 8-11-65 Samlesbury. To OCU Coltishall, 21-12-65. At the ETPS, Boscombe Down, MoD(PE), 1981. With 11 and 5 Squadrons, Binbrook, 1983. Scrapped 4/7/1988 cockpit acquired by private collector and fully restored by Christian Brydges, Cleethorpes, S Humberside. then on to North Cotes Airfield 22/2/2001, then to a private collector at Binbrook, Lincolnshire.

XS458; C/N B1/ 95018 ff D.M. Knight 3-12-65 Samlesbury. To OCU Coltishall, 2-2-66; with 11 Squadron (BT), Binbrook, 1983. To Cranfield 29/6/1988 owned by Russel Carpenter and is in fast taxi condition

XS459; C/N B1/ 95019 ff J. Dell 18-12-65 Samlesbury. To OCU Coltishall; to 29 Squadron (T), used on fuel-leak-flow tests in 1972, during which the underside of the fuselage was painted white in fuel-sensitive paint. At the LTF(X), Binbrook, 1983, inactive. Currently owned by Fenland Aviation Museum, West Walton, nr Wisbech, Cambs.

XS460; 55-710; C/N B1/ 95020 ff T.M.S. Ferguson 2-2-66 Samlesbury. Bought from the MoD by the BAC and converted to first Saudi Arabian contract T 55 export trainer. Carried out development flying at Warton. Crashed, 7-367, on landing at Warton, extensively damaged and SOC. J. Dell and P. Williams unhurt. Hours flown 14h 53m.

XV328; C/N B1/ 95021 ff D. de Villiers 22-12-66 Samlesbury. To 60 MU, 31-1-67; to 29 Squadron (Z); to 5 Squadron (T) 1973. Inactive, Binbrook, 1983. Cockpit Section owned by Neville Martin, Bruntingthorpe Leics ( Remainder scrapped at Cranfield 5-12-94 )

XV329; C/N B1/ 95022 ff D. de Villiers 30-12-66 Samlesbury. To Short Bros, Belfast, for shipping to Singapore, 3-3-67. Tailplane suffered excessive damage from corrosion during voyage. (T) with 74 Squadron, Tengah.

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