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Development Batch, Pre-production batch, 20 aircraft.

XG307; C/N 95007 ff R.P. Beamont 3-4-58 Samlesbury. First aircraft of 20 pre-production aircraft built at Samlesbury; Aerodynamic and equipment development by EE until delivery 24-2-64 to " A " Squadron A&AEE Boscombe Down. Withdrawn fron use 1970, scrapped at RAE Bedford dump 7-71.

XG308; C/N 95008 ff R.P. Beamont 16-5-58 Samlesbury. Handling trials with EE until transfered to " A " Squadron A&AEE by early 1960. Fitted with taller, square-cut F3 type fin at Warton in 1964 for further trials. 29-6-66 to Aero Flt. RAE Bedford 29-6-66. withdrawn form use 1968 and scrapped.

XG309; C/N 95009 ff D. de Villiers 23-6-58 Samlesbury. To " A " sqn A&AEE by early 1960 for gun firing trials To Farnborough 12-7-62; then to RAE Bedford by 1964, returned to Farnborough, 12-6-66; to R.J. Coley for scrap 27-6-67.

XG310; C/N 95010 ff J.W.C. Squier 17-7-58 Samlesbury. Carried out spin-trials programme; Farnborough SBAC show 1963 as a Mk 3. First flight as F 3 16-6-62. Used for taxi testing after being grounded 13-7-64. Long-term storage at Warton until 12-6-68, when stripped by 60 MU. To Shoeburyness 24-6-68 and 30-6-68. Scrapped at AWRE, 1971; nose section to scrapyard in Basildon 28-12-72. This aircraft was first to fly with taller production fin and square top (F 3 Fin). Total flights 374, hours flown 192h 7m. Last flight 25-6-64.

XG311; C/N 95011 ff D. de Villiers 20-10-58 Samlesbury. Retained by EE for handling and equipment trials until transfer to " A " sqn A&AEE by early 1960 Only development-batch aircraft to retain small fin throughout its life. From Shorts, Belfast, to Khormaksar ,Aden for tropical trials 7-61 to 10-61. Crashed in River Ribble near Warton on 31-7-63, when undercarriage failed to lower. Pilot, D.M. Knight, ejected safely. Total flights 238, hours flown 140h 10m. Last flight 31-7-63.

XG312; C/N 95012 ff J.W.C Squier 29-12-58 Samlesbury. Retained by EE for development work until late 1960, the used by Ferranti for A123 radar trials, mostly at Bitteswell. Forward windscreen shattered on 12-10-66 at Mach 0.9, 37,000 ft; J. Cockburn on its return to EE ( by then BAC ) landed aircraft. Aircraft not flown again, taken to Shoeburyness 14-8-68. SOC 4-72. Total flights 429, hours flown 303h 53m. Last flight 12-10-66.

XG313; C/N 95013 ff R.P. Beamont 2-2-59 Samlesbury. To Boscombe Down 28-6-65 for 2-in rocket trials; sold to Airwork Services as instructional airframe; last flight from Boscombe Down to Sydenham 25-4-68. Became G27-115 and shipped to Saudi Arabia for ground instruction airframe with RSAF at Dhahran. Scrapped 1972. Total flights 560, hours flown 351h 17m.

XG325; C/N 95014 ff J.W.C. Squier 26-2-59 Samlesbury. Used by De Havilland for Firestreak Trials; SOC at Warton, 3-66; dismantled by 60 MU stored at Shoeburyness 28-10-68. Front fuselage used as demonstration unit by 1476 Squadron ATC. Total flights 282, hours flown 221h 2m.

XG326; C/N 95015 ff P. Hillwood 14-3-59 Samlesbury. Retained by EE for red Oxide fuel trials. Stored at Warton from 6-10-67; dismantled by 60 MU and shipped to Shoeburyness 10-6-68. Displayed on Horse guards Parade for BoB Display on 50th Anniversary of RAF in 1968. SOC 1971. Total flights 551, hours flown 416h 2m.

XG327; C/N 95016 ff J.W.C. Squier 10-4-59 Samlesbury. Last of original batch of development aircraft to be used at Warton, mainly on radar trials. Cat 4 damage at Boscombe on 20-2-60. Fitted wit F3 fin by Boulton Paul 1961/62 Modified to F 3 standard. 13-4-66 To Bedford for supersonic noise tests. To BAC Warton late 1968. In use RAE Bedford late 1969 but withdrawn from use early1970. To 5 SoTT at St Athan in 1972 as instructional airframe 8188M. No ventral tank fitted. At Manston, 1981.

XG328; C/N 95017 ff R.P. Beamont 18-6-59 Samlesbury. OR 946 and Auto-attack trials’ aircraft. RAE Bedford, 7-67; AWRE 14-8-68; Farnborough scrap compound 5-72; West Bromwich scrapyard 5-4-73. Total flights 220, hours flown 127h 37m. Last flight 20-1-66.

XG329; C/N 95018 ff R.P. Beamont 30-4-59 Samlesbury. Mainly used on gun-firing programme. Fitted with F3 fin approx 8-64. Seen in overall red paint scheme, Warton before delivery to A&AEE where it was used as a chase plane for the TSR 2. used by de Havilland from 6-4-66 to 21-12-66. Then returned to Boscombe Down. Cranwell Engineering School 1970 as 8050M.

XG330; C/N 95019 ff J.W.C. Squier 30-6-59 Samlesbury. OR 946 trials aircraft, used for fire-zone trials. To fire dump at Warton, then to scrap dealer in Chorley in 1970. Hours flown 170h 24m. Last flight 5-1-65.

XG331; C/N 95020 ff J.W.C. Squier 14-5-59 Samlesbury. Damaged at Warton after No 1 engine’s starter exploded. Rebuilt. Used for tropical trials in Khormaksar, Aden, 7-60; to Shoeburyness in parts on 26-6, 8-7 and 16-7-68. In scrap yard in Basildon, 28-12-72. Total flights 290, hours flown 196h 14m.

XG332; C/N 95021 ff J.W.C. Squier 29-5-59 Samlesbury. Used throughout flying life by the BAC and de Havilland for Firestreak and Red Top trials. Crashed at Hatfield on Red Top programme, 13-9-62. Pilot, G. Arid ejected but injured on landing. This aircraft is featured in the famous photograph of the pilot’s ejection watched by tractor driver. Total flights 214, hours flown 138h 52m. Last flight 13-9-62.

XG333; C/N 95022 ff T.M.S. Ferguson 26-9-59 Samlesbury. First aircraft with Liquid Oxygen system. Shipped to Khormaksar, Aden for trials 7-61 to 10-61. Used for Boeing-type rain-repellent programme. Fitted with F3 fin and re-issued to A&AEE. To BAC Warton by 1965 and withdrawn from use by 7-68. Scrapped 1970.

XG334; C/N 95023 ff J.W.C. Squier 14-7-59 Samlesbury. To the AFDS, Coltishall, 23-12-59, aircraft ‘A’. Crashed, 5-3-60, near Wells-next-the-Sea when undercarriage failed to lower. Pilot, Sqn Leader Harding, ejected safely. Total flights 34, hours flown 23h 35m.

XG335; C/N 95024 ff T.M.S. Ferguson 7-8-59 Samlesbury. Aircraft ‘B’ of the AFDS, Coltishall, 3-60. To Boscombe Down, 12-11-62. 19-2-63 returned to Warton with F3 fin by Boulton Paul. 12-11-63 to A&AEE. Crashed, 11-1-65, in Larkhill Ranges, Wilts (16:18 hrs) after undercarriage malfunction. Pilot, Sqn Ldr J Whittaker, ejected safely. Total flights 286, hours flown 204h 26m.

XG336; C/N 95025 ff J.W.C. Squier 25-8-59 Samlesbury. To the AFDS, Coltishall, as aircraft ‘C’, 12-59. Returned to Warton approx 3.62 fitted with F3 fin. Delivered A&AEE Boscombe Down, for Red Top trials 9-65. To RAF Cosford (?) (sic, in original record card) as instructional airframe 8091M, 5-70; to Halton, 11-72.

XG337; C/N 95026 ff J.K. Isherwood 5-9-59 Samlesbury. Used mainly on Red Top trials at Warton and Boscombe Down. Became 8056M used at Cosford and Halton. Total flights 698.

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